90° Baofeng Wearable Antenna Package (BNC-M Antenna W/Baofeng SMA-F Adapter)
90° Baofeng Wearable Antenna Package (BNC-M Antenna W/Baofeng SMA-F Adapter)

90° Baofeng Wearable Antenna Package (BNC-M Antenna W/Baofeng SMA-F Adapter)

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This package includes one “The RTO” antenna outfitted with a 90° BNC tip and one Baofeng (SMA) adaptor. (The UV5R radio is not included)

The package does not include the TNC adaptor (PRC-152/MBITR) that is normally included when you purchase “The RTO”, so if you plan on swapping your antenna between a military radio and your Baofeng, purchase “The RTO” and a Baofeng adaptor separate. 

Unlike other wearable antenna options, this antenna package has a multi-layered protective shell comprised of adhesive, metal locking ring, glue lined heat-shrink, and a bend boot.

The SMA female to BNC female adapter that is included has a "protective wall" that is 0.57 inches in width. If you are unsure this adapter will screw in all the way into your radio, measure the width of you radios antenna port.  

*Each adapter includes one 7/16"O.D.x5/16"I.D.x1/16" rubber O-ring to prevent the adapter from walking out of the antenna port*

(FYI- The "Small Walled" adaptor's "protective wall" width is 0.51 inches in width)

Antenna Frequency and SWR info:

This antenna has been designed to work in the 30-512MHz range with an exception of these two SWR peaks: 174-232MHz and 255-333MHz. At the start of the peak there is an SWR of 3 and continues up, ending at an SWR of 3. The frequencies between and around these two high SWR peaks SWR stays in the 1.5-1.9 range. (Tests when gathering this information are done when the antenna is over the users shoulder and in a “U” shape on the back molle panel.) Be advised that results may vary with how the antenna is weaved. Never place the antenna under a hydration source.

Looking for more information? Check out "The RTO" product page, the many reviews on the home page or the Testimonials section! 

*The Baofeng adapter WILL NOT fit the Baofeng T57 and UV9R Plus(UV83); The Motorola package (small walled SMA adapter) will fit those models.*

*Radio not included*

*The antenna color displayed in the product photo is OCP* 

 The include adapter is also compatible with the following radios:

 Wouxun radios:

KG-UVD-1P, KG-2D,KG-659,KG-669,KG-699,KG-689,KG-679 (can not compatible with KG-UV-6D)