U.S. Navy MA Providing Harbor Security for our Nation’s Submarine Force

“So my small boat unit provides harbor security for our nation’s submarine force. We have multiple crews underway at any given time a long with fixed fighting positions. Being the patrol lead, I needed a way to add redundancy and ease of use to my communications plan. I needed to add VHF capabilities. The logistics department couldn’t help me out with procuring a suitable VHF radio. Enter my Baofeng UV-5R. Programmed that bad boy up with common maritime VHF frequencies and I was in the game. I could communicate with both civilian and military vessels to issue warnings and coordinate movements. The only issue being my rubber ducky antenna. It was in the way and getting snagged on mooring lines and gear. This antenna from @caatailantennas was the solution I was looking for. I’m able to route this line thru my kit, effectively eliminating any problem with gear entanglement. Additionally, This antenna allows me to, no shit, receive and transmit at distances 3NM LOS. Wild for a HT. I will soon be purchasing one for my UHF, encrypted net Motorola and will start outfitting my crews with the same technology. Such a force multiplier."