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"We had a mobile FSCC in a Osprey while we were on the ground. Many of the PRC152s had issues with maintaining comms to it, but I had no issues with the CAATail Antenna attached to my 117G. Had zero issues with comm the entire time we were out there, even with a ruck on covering the antenna for patrol."

Stephenpushkin (USMC)

"I've loved mine so far. Even being in the truck. I've had zero issues with it and it even works better than the shit antennas they give you as part of the SL-3"

Sgt. Bensley (USMC)

"You can run this bad boy through the MOLLE on you plate carrier and it keeps your antenna out of sight and out of mind! I got better reception with it, too!"

@goons___up (Army Reserve and Prior USMC)

"I used mine all last week! Perfect! Everyone was jelly that had an antenna in their face."

@rymo0811 (USMC)

"My buddy makes them, I tested one of the first prototypes while in Syria. It's a badass product made by a comms wizard."

Sgt. Hall (USMC)

"During operations in the Bahamas for the humanitarian aid, I used your antenna to communicate with the birds and set-up a refueling post for them. Didn't have any issues and my Gunny and OIC fucking loved it."

Cpl. Gar (USMC)

"Used this set-up over the last week on a Military Skills competition with 10 other countries. Good, reliable comms up to 2km (which was perfect as we were operating in/out of vehicles).

@lego_nachos (Australian Army)

"Your antenna was tits!

Used it to control during VBSS and was able to rip it out and shove it out windows when I was inside."


 Yall's Squad Leader antenna is dope, man. Used it in Crow Valley with a shit ton of mountains, had no hick-ups.

@aj_bowman (USMC)

Squad Internal Comms or Farther!

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