v2 Wearable Antenna W/SMA-M to BNC-F Adapter Package ("The Hotshot" Package)

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 This package includes one BNC-M v2 wearable antenna and one BNC-F to SMA-M Adapter.

The v2 model offers increased UHF performance and a triple abraded PET sleeve for extra cable protection.

Unlike other wearable antenna options on the market, "The Hotshot" has a multi-layered protective shell comprised of adhesive, metal locking ring, glue lined heat-shrink, bend boot and a final layer of heat-shrink for bump protection.

VHF/UHF 30-512MHz (Not recommended for use in the 200MHz to 350MHz frequency range)

Max Watts: 10w

Total length: 51"

*Each adapter includes one 3/8"O.D.x1/4"I.D.x1/16" rubber O-ring for an anti-walk seal.

Included SMA Male Adapter to BNC Female: BK KNG P150, P150CMD series, P150S series, KNG2 P150 series and Midland STP series. 

BNC Male antenna: Compatible with Motorola and Baofeng adapters sold on the web-store along with a wide variety of other adapters.