Baofeng Adapter  (BNC to SMA)
Baofeng Adaptor
Baofeng Adapter  (BNC to SMA)
Baofeng Adapter  (BNC to SMA)

Baofeng Adapter (BNC to SMA)

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Besides working with "The RTO" and "The Hotshot" antennas, this adapter will also fit any other antenna or RF cable outfitted with a BNC male connector. This adapter will NOT fit on "The Squadleader" antenna.

This SMA female to BNC female adapter has a "protective wall" that is 0.57 inches in width. If you are unsure this adapter will screw in all the way, measure the width of your radio's antenna port. 

After receiving adapters from the factory, the SMA base portion is layered with adhesive to improve durability.

*Each adapter includes one 7/16"O.D.x5/16"I.D.x1/16" rubber O-ring to prevent the adapter from walking out of the antenna port*

(FYI- The "Small Walled" adapter's "protective wall" width is 0.51 inches in width)

Each adapter is hand inspected and "fit tested" with a BNC antenna prior to shipping.

The "protective ring" around the mid base of the adapter can cause fitment issues on many of the Motorola style radios. If you are trying to outfit a Motorola radio with a adapter check out the "Small walled Motorola adapter".

 *Baofeng radio, CAATail Antenna, and kit not included*