Up Armored Antenna Relocation Cable (SMA-M Antenna End)

Up Armored Antenna Relocation Cable (SMA-M Antenna End)

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Over the last few decades antenna relocation cables have been the go-to solution for increasing mobility and comfort when carrying a handheld radio.

The biggest issue has always been durability.

The "Up Armored Antenna Relocation Cable" utilized the same multi-layered shielding process we use on our wearable antennas, making its durability level like no others on the current market. 

Length (without adapters attached): 37" 

Antenna end of these cables are SMA-Male, allowing for OEM or aftermarket SMA-Female antennas to attach. (I.e. stock baofeng antenna, NA771, etc.).

More questions? Check out our video at the bottom. 

BNC Quick Detach options:

  • 90° BNC-M and BNC-M Straight to TNC-F: Large adapter selection: TNC-M to BNC-F: RC-152, MBITR (PRC-148), PRC-117G, PRC-163, any adapter that is TNC-M ported.
  • BNC-F to SMA-F: Various civilian HAM radios (Baofeng, Motorola, Yaesu, etc.) 
  • BNC-F to SMA-M: Various Civilian HAM radios (Yaesu, BK KNG P series radios, etc)